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  • tt-3-27-2012

    h3. November 19th and 20th, 2012 In order to force the Archangels of the Gates out of hiding, Jesse concocted a plan built to take advantage of their hubris: She would, with the British MI-5's assistance, create a news program in which she would …

  • tt-4-2-2012

    *Note*: I may start doing adventure logs this way, if I become rushed for time. If anyone in either group wants to do a log for extra xp, let me know. *Note 2*: This log covers the in-game period of 11/20-21/2012 Jesse traces the emails back to …

  • tt-4-9-2012

    The tabletop group will be undergoing a reset to attempt to fix several issues. They should be continuing with a new cast and storyline in 1-2 weeks.