Through the Gate

Investigations (Tabletop Group)

Some retcon, investigation into the AotG, and a rugby game

Note: I may start doing adventure logs this way, if I become rushed for time. If anyone in either group wants to do a log for extra xp, let me know.

Note 2: This log covers the in-game period of 11/20-21/2012

Jesse traces the emails back to their owners, and learns the password of one of the founding memebers of the AotG. The email that she manages to get from hacking google’s servers shows that this member told the rest of them to go into hiding. She also tried to get surveilance video from the internet cafe that the email was sent from, but the fat sweaty guy at the counter would only trade that for a date, which she refused.

(Retcon): JJ is now a nurse who used to be an army medic/ranger. She is on vacation in London at Jonny’s request (see below), to possibly patch him up after he does his stunts. She pulls clockwork parts out of the victims of the blasts and hands them over to Jesse, who sends them to Langley for analysis.

(Retcon): Greg is now Jonny Skulls, a daredevil and stuntman. He calls the media to tell them about his next stunt: Swim across one of the contaminated lakes with no suit, then run to and climb Big Ben. He is turning it into a charity event to support the victims of the blasts. He also plays rugby with some local players on a field, and earns their grudging respect (and gains the aspect Friends of the Whitechapel Football League).

Cain goes out to look for clues, and ends up in the hospital that JJ is working in. He questions a man suffering from radiation poisoning, who turns out to be the one that took pictures of him while he was at the Church of the Gates meeting at the skate park. The man gives Cain the number for his contact, which Jesse tracks to one of the members of the AotG.



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