Through the Gate

Hitting the Fan (Tabletop Group)

Another nuke, and the incompetence of MI-5

November 19th and 20th, 2012

In order to force the Archangels of the Gates out of hiding, Jesse concocted a plan built to take advantage of their hubris: She would, with the British MI-5’s assistance, create a news program in which she would portray a scientist. Using bits of news stories and scientific articles, she would show that the AotG’s dirty nuclear attack on Heathrow Airport’s gate would not have as serious an impact as first thought. Based on the rate at which the cleanup crews were working, she estimated that it would take no longer than a day or two to get the airport up and running, at least in a limited capacity, as well as cleaning up the radiation in the four reservoirs near Heathrow.

Jesse worked on this all day, and after 16 hours of collecting data and filming, she decided to wander around MI-5’s offices to clear her head. She ended up in an evidence collection room, where she found some tabs of extacy and sneaked out with them. She popped one with some of her precious remaining water on the walk back, then decided to stop at a toystore and buy out all their remaining Domo-kun plushies and took them back to the suite. She threw them all on the floor and rolled around in them for a few hours while listening to trance music. Then, when Greg came back to the suite after an unproductive day at work, ended up seducing him. They were up for hours after that pleasuring each other.

While this was happening, the other people in the suite were busy doing their own thing. As mentioned above, Greg went to work at Big Ben. He had to pick up some iron bells from the Whitechapel Bell Foundry, so he took the company truck to the foundry and picked them up. There, he met the forewoman of the foundry, a tough woman named Annie, who considered him stupid for coming by himself to lift 5 2000 lb bells into his truck. She grudgingly lent him her men and tools to get the job done, then he headed back to the old clock, but got stuck in traffic for three hours due to all the water trucks parked in the road to alleviate the water shortage.

JJ stepped out to find a water truck after hearing about the shortage on the news. After standing in line for two hours, she got fed up and started shoving people out of her way, using her skills in krav maga to get her to the front of the line. Unfortunately for her, Scotland Yard did not take kindly to her display of martial arts prowess, and arrested her. They left her to rot with her bucket of water until the next day, when she was turned over to the US embassy. The US ambassador admonished everyone that had been dropped off at his office for petty crimes, and confined them to city arrest, fitting them all with gps anklets. He then let them go, and JJ headed back to the suite.

Cain decided to do some investigations of his own after seeing a street preacher claiming to be a member of the Gatekeepers, a sect of the Catholic Church fed up with the demonic influences of the gates, on the news. Cain went out to the site of the news story and learned that the preacher had been arrested, so he went to the police station and asked to visit the man. The preacher was suspicious of Cain at first, but warmed up to him after Cain claimed to hate the Church of the Gates as well. The man, who gave his name as Duster, bristled when Cain asked him if he or his organization was connected to the terrorist bombing at Heathrow. After Cain was convinced that he had nothing to do with it, he casually revealed that he was in fact a member of the Church of the Gates, which pissed him off enough for him to call his guards, who escorted Cain out.

The next day, on the 20th, a lone member of the AotG planted a mechanical bomb near the gate at Trafalgar Square, which later went off. Cameras in the area show that the man went up to the gate, dropped a bag, passed through the gate, went to the bag and got dressed, then left quickly. A bomb robot purported to be resistant to the technology-deadening effects of the gates was dispatched to recover the bag, but shut down inside of the gate’s tech-killing field. The bomb then blew up, scattering shrapnel and what was later found to be strontium-90 powder over a 1 kilometer area, and further spread by the wind.

Jesse showed up to the area dressed in a containment suit, furious at MI-5 for allowing this to happen. MI-5’s investigation revealed that the shrapnel consisted of a kind of iron normally used in bellmaking, and dispatched agents to the Whitechapel Bell Foundry, where they arrested the woman seen exiting the gate at Trafalgar. After berating the incompetence of MI-5, Jesse decided to pick up the pieces of the investigation and continue it with what they currently had. She stalked off to consider what the Archangels’ next move would be.



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