Through the Gate

A Chance Encounter (Tabletop Group)

An odd begining.

Date: November 17, 2012.
Location: The lounge in the Park Inn Heathrow Hotel, just outside Heathrow Airport in London.

Four friends and business acquaintences met unexpectedly in a pub: Jesse Deluca, an FBI cybercrimes agent who is in London to give a seminar to local and national law enforcement, and who recently met her father, Jouni Deluca, who was also on a business trip. Jenny Jones, whom, until a year ago had been James Jones, was taking a break from her duties as a campus security coordinator at San Francisco State University. Cain Masterson, a detective from Florida who was on vacation in a cottage on the outskirts of London until a storm damaged it, forcing him to seek out a hotel room in the city. And finally, Greg Forceps, a skilled construction foreman who was overseeing the shoring up of Big Ben’s foundations.

The four acquaintences sat down at a table in the pub and caught up, introducing each other and remarking on how surprising it is that they are all in London at the same time. They chatted for a while, then suddenly there was an earth-shattering explosion at the airport down the street. The building shook, and the screams of the terrified pub patrons filled the air.

After the dust settled and everyone in the pub was found to be unharmed, the group moved towards the window to see what had happened. Jesse saw a group of people armed with pistols and rifles and dressed in old military NBC suits fleeing the airport. The stopped for a bit and set up defensive positions, then killed the airport security that came to stop them. After a while, several vans came and picked them up. Jesse, who had snuck to a better vantage point about a block from the fight, took a video of this on her phone.

The group fled to a hotel several blocks away from the airport, where they stayed until they learned that police and the military had discovered high concentrations of radioactive material near the source of the explosion, which was found to be a dirty nuclear bomb planted near the sex gate inside the airport. A group called the Archangels of the Gates claimed responsibility for the bombing, and said that as long as the unworthy infidels of the Church of the Gates continued using the gates, the Archangels would continue to defile them.

After hearing this, everyone in the hotel fled the area, as the military had declared a 10 km radius around Heathrow Airport to be dangerously contaminated with radioactive fallout. The group commandeered a taxicab, probably left behind during the latest exodus, and drove it to Greg’s office at Big Ben.

Everyone settled in at the office, which was spacious enough for both the group and Greg’s employees, and rested for the day, reasonably sure that they were safe inside the old stone clock. Midway through the night, one of Greg’s crewmen, Stu, stumbled into the office bloodied and cut up. He said that he was at the airport before the bomb blew up, and that he overheard the people who set it up thinking that the bomb they were setting up would defile the area around the gate for a hundred years. When he heard this, he ran as fast as he could out of the airport, but got cut up while fleeing.

Jesse, Cain, Greg, and JJ gathered around some cots in the office and had a discussion. After putting their heads together, they realized the following things about the Archangels of the Gates and the other militant factions of the Church of the Gates:

  • Some of the suspected leaders of the AotG include
    • Michael Dartsmouth, an Englishman who was a former preacher of the Church of the Gates;
    • Kyle Winn, a survivalist from the U.S. who laid claim to a gate that appeared near his mountain retreat;
    • A woman calling herself Artemis, who seems to be the mastermind behind the cult in the UK;
    • And Hayfa al-Jizahi. Not much is known about Hayfa, except that she has ties to both Al Qaeda and Baghdad University.
  • The AotG stated mission is to defile the gates in populated areas where many people are members of the Church of the Gates. They do this by making the area around the gate either deadly to enter (as shown in this attack), or by randomly shooting anyone they see near a gate until people are too afraid to go there.

Jesse had her contacts in the FBI and MI-6 look into the names she discovered, then the group fell asleep.

November 18, 2012

Today, the group checked into a hotel outside the exclusion zone and checked out a local gathering of the members of the Church of the Gates. Under the guise of new parishoners, they verified the information about Artemis they had discovered yesterday, and spotted a strange man watching the church from outside of the skate park that the service was being held in. Jesse got a picture of him before he fled, but unfortunately nobody saw fit to chase him down before he made a clean getaway on his skateboard.



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