Through the Gate

Hard Research (Online Group)

The group interviews a scientist

*A passing male student stops, gives Taylor a bored look, and says,*

<Student: Yeah? I’m kinda in a hurry.>

<Taylor: Hello there.>

*Taylor gives him one of her best smiles and allures him a bit with her feminine wiles.*

<Taylor: I’m so lost and I’m supposed to be meeting with professor sprague. Do you know what class he’s subbing for or could you tell me who would know where he is?>

<Student: Professor? Uh, I guess he’s a professor, although he doesn’t really teach unless he has to. Try room 104, there’s a class in there now.>

<Taylor: Thanks cutie.>

*Taylor give him a peck on the cheek and goes off to find room 104*

*Taylor peeks into room 104 and try to see if the person in there is Avery based on pictures we found online*

<(semi)GM: The information that Sophia got was only from his research papers, which mention him by name as the author and that he works in the department of life sciences at UCSF. Even without a picture, though, the person teaching the class is likely him anyway, as judged by the bored look on both the class’s and instructor’s faces. He is teaching a class on mitochondria.>

Taylor informs everyone else of where Avery is if they didn’t follow her and the dialogue that she had with the male student.

<Taylor: We found him and I don’t think we’ll be able to interrupt class. *To Jerry*: So, J-money, I’ve had this theory of my own…>

*She explains to Jerry her crazy theory about the inabiity for people who have gone through the gate to have kids and leave out the part about a genius plot to eliminate the human race.*

<Taylor: What do you think? Want to check if you have some lazy swimmers?>

<Jerry: Is that an invitation?>

<Sophia: I guess we wait until 1. Taylor, you stop him on the way out, and Jerry or someone can just pretend to bump into him while walking by. Sound good?>

<GM: Eventually, the class begins to empty out. Avery waits until everyone has left, then begins packing up his notes into a messenger bag.>

<Taylor: Sorry, Jerry.>

*Taylor gives him the elevator eyes*

<Taylor: I don’t think we’d have enough time to conduct that experiment. I guess we’ll just wait here for Avery.>

*Taylor walks up to the professor after his class is done*

<Taylor: Excuse me professor, I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions about your… Lecture. Perhaps earn some extra credit.>

*Avery eyes Taylor suspiciously, then adjusts his glasses*

<Avery: Excuse me, miss, but you must have me confused. You were not in this class today. And besides, I was substitute teaching…> Did you miss that part? <… and couldn’t give out extra credit even if I wanted to. Why are you really here?>

<Taylor: Oh! I’m so sorry! See I’ve never come to class before and my study group told me to come talk to you!

*points in Sophia and Jerry’s direction*

I’m so embarrassed!>

<Avery: Yes, well, you’ll have to go see your normal professor, Professor Brock. I am a research scientist and only agreed to substitute for him because he said he was “deathly ill”. This was really more trouble than it was worth.>

<Taylor: Do you think you could answer a few questions for me about a subject in class? Perhaps back in your office?>

*Sophia whispers to Jerry*

<Sophia: Anything?>

<Avery: If you must. Do all six of you really need to be there? You know, seeing as how you’re not actually in this class.>

<Jerry’s pool: 2 FP>

*Jerry pulls Sophia aside and says,*

<Jerry: Only surface thoughts. He’s wondering why a bunch of “kids” who are not in this class would be asking about it. And no, before you ask, I can’t tell if he’s one of us or not.>

*Taylor wraps her arm around Avery’s*

<Taylor: I’m having fun, let’s go to your office, professor.>

*Avery shakes you off*

<Avery: That’s quite enough, young lady.>

*Avery leads you to his lab, then makes a point of jamming the door open with a doorstop. He takes a seat at his work desk and says,*

<Avery: Now, what is it you want to discuss?>

<Sophia: Mr. Sprague, Have you ever thought about going through the gates?>

<Avery: Myself? No. I’m sure I still have at least 20 more years before considering that, and since it seems to be a one-way trip for most… well, I don’t want to waste years of my life if I don’t have to. Hmmm, yes. I am curious about them as a scientist, however.>

<Sophia: Doctor, Im actually doing my thesis on the gates and seconders. I have a theory that only certain types of human beings can go through, would you be willing to help me with my research?>

<Avery: Well, obviously only certain types of people can pass through. Do you have any hypotheses as to why?>

<Sophia: Well it could be anything really, but how would we find out? Could we examine each persons DNA?>

<Taylor: If we were able to give you blood samples of two different seconders could you compare them to find similar traits?>

<Avery: Hmmmm… Well, finding similar traits between two Seconders shouldn’t be too difficult, but really, for it to be a proper experiment I would need a larger sample size, and preferably some people who have been through the gates only once, as well as some healthy individuals that have not been through ever. We could also compare the DNA of individuals both before and after they’ve been through a gate once, as well as those who failed to go through at all. Collecting that data will be a daunting task, however…>

<Sophia: Hrmm that sounds like a plan, Ill start collecting the data, and Ill send it to you when Im done. Would you be willing to analyze my findings?>

<Avery: Yes. It may also have some application for… some other things I am working on. I’ll need either DNA or tissue samples from Seconders and first-timers, or the results of whole gene sequencing on the same.>

*Avery gets a gleeful look on his face, the first expression you’ve noticed since meeting him*

<Avery: Here is my email address and phone number *gives you email and phone number*. Contact me when you have the data.>

<Sophia: Thanks for helping me with my thesis!>

*Sophia leaves Avery’s office*

<Sophia: Ok, I guess thats better than nothing, maybe we should hit the other contact I found. For now, lets meet back at the cabin.>

<GM: Everyone piles back into the vehicles and drives back to the Mt. Diablo cabins.>

<Tasha: So, what’d you learn? What are we doing now?>

<Sophia: Well, hes not a seconder, but if we do decide to try and research this ourselves, he would be willing to help us analyze the results. I think we should try and meet with Zelda now, the other person I found during my search.>

<Taylor: I agree, he’s not a seconder. Although, perhaps we can check for a picture of Zelda? That would let us know if they are a seconder or not.>



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