Through the Gate


Sophia and Taylor start to feel the consequences of their actions

November 13, 2012

After arranging communications with Taylor, Sophia bailed on her and headed south, towards Richmond. After circling a few blocks to make sure that she wasn’t followed, she went wardriving until she found an open wifi access point, then began hacking. She first contacted her group, Etaoin Shrdlu, and told them that they were going to start hacking into likely places to find information on gandalf_the_white, including his or her real name, address, background, etc. They combined their efforts and began digging.

Sophia started out by modifying the botnet that ES uses to harvest credit information, and turned it into a platform from which to launch distributed denial of service attacks (a maneuver that places a DDOS the connection aspect on the scene).

Gandalf seemed to be prepared to defend herself once she kicked the hornets’ nest that was ES, however, and quickly activated a series of _Honeypot_s in places that she thought hackers would look for her real information.

The next hour became a series of back and forth exchanges, with either Sophia or ES trying to find someplace with Gandalf’s personal information, and Gandalf either redirecting them elsewhere or watching as they get stuck in the honeypots. Finally, Sophia had had enough and decided to pull the plug on the operation. As they left, however, Sophia set up the botnet to continually DDOS attack the places that they had already checked, figuring that restoring at least some of them would require Gandalf’s personal attention. Both Sophia and Etaoin Shrdlu then concluded their attacks and logged out.

November 13-17, 2012

Meanwhile, Taylor’s relationship with her parents soured even more. In an attempt to distance himself from his daughter’s actions, Dominic Swift began speaking to his associates and some of the family’s close friends. He spread rumors of his daughter going rogue, and associating with various unsavory types, completely against her parents’ wishes. Once Taylor caught wind of this, she called her parents to rant at them, then decided to divorce herself completely from her family, packing up what she could take with her and fleeing south to join Sophia.

The pair then decided to lay low for a while and work on their own projects, possibly to get back at GtW.



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