Through the Gate

2 of America's Most Wanted (Online Group)

The story so far for the (real world) week ending 3/13/12

First, a note. I’ll be posting summaries of the online game’s happenings every Tuesday. Hopefully, this coincides with the Monday tabletop group’s session summary, which I should be posting on either Tuesday or Wednesday.


November 12, 2012

While checking her email this morning, Taylor noticed one from her mother, Sharon. The email contained a forwarded email from Kaoru Takahashi the oyabun of the San Fransisco yakuza. Attached to that email were three pictures: Shots of Taylor and Sophia pulling up to the former’s house in Sophia’s van, another shot of the duo getting out of the van, with a full face shot, and a third of Sophia disposing of the van later.

Taylor showed the pics to Sophia, who did some digging around in their exif metatag data. She expected to find information on the type of camera used to take the picture, the date it was taken, and maybe a geotag if she was really lucky. What she found instead indicated that the jpgs were not originals, but printed and scanned copies of the original pics. Digging around for information on the web about Kaoru, Sophia found out that he has been blackmailing/extorting Taylor’s parents for some time now, and that he keeps an office in downtown San Francisco. Due to his Luddite beliefs regarding technology (as revealed by… his facebook page), that office does not have any technology in it more modern than a phone.

Sophia then headed out to do some shopping while Taylor made some calls: First to her mom, then her brother Joshua, and finally to the Golden Gate Detective Agency to set up a job with them. From her mom, she learned that her dad called Kaoru, who denied dictating that email. From her brother, she learned that her dad is beginning to spin the story about his delinquent daughter just in case it gets out that she’s been associating with the most wanted person in San Francisco. Joshua gave her the name of the detective agency mentioned above to try to find out who’s behind this blackmail attempt.

After Sophia got home, she changed her hair length and color, as well as eye color via contacts, then did more research. She hacked into Kaoru’s email account, gaining access to his address book and a database file with some of his passwords in it. While looking at the database, she noticed a commented-out section in the database that read: “G- Predictable. I expected a hacker of your caliber to have no trouble hacking the big G’s servers. Don’t bother attempting to trace the IP; I assure you that I am not in Zimbabwe (GM: This is where the IP ultimately originated from). Let’s cut to the chase: I am going to ruin you. I am tired of hearing about your crimes on the news, tired of reading about your exploits on the underground scene boards, and tired of you ruining people’s lives through ID theft. I will bring you to justice, and I will see you burn for your crimes. -GtW”

Thinking for a bit, Sophia remembered someone with a handle on some hacker messaging boards that had those initials: gandalf_the_white. Gandalf is known as a white hat hacker, but it seems that he does not only use his skills for helpful ends. After finding this out, Sophia decided to leave Taylor’s house, so as not to incriminate her more. Taylor insisted on going with her, but needed to tie up some loose ends first…

Which will likely happen this week (real world).



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